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Welcome to Skateland, the magical roller skating wonderland at Acres of Fun! Imagine a place where you can glide on a 10,500 square foot skating floor, surrounded by enchanting black lights and disco lighting, all while grooving to the beats spun by live DJ’s. And guess what? Skateland even has its very own snack bar, ready to satisfy your roller-rumble cravings!

But wait, there’s more fun to be had! Skateland doesn’t just stop at open skates; we’ve got group lessons to help you become a skating superstar, epic birthday parties to make your day unforgettable, and group specials to keep the excitement going. And if you’re dreaming of having this awesome skating haven all to yourself, our skating facility is available for private rentals too!

So, lace up those skates and roll on over for a night of pure delight during an open skate, or come join us for a special event that will sprinkle magic and laughter all around. Skateland is where the adventure begins!  Please note all persons under the age of 18 years old need a parent/guardian present when skating with us.

Skateland Prices

Regular Skating Day DetailsPrice
Roller Skate Rental$2.00
Inline Skate Rental$4.00
Wednesday Discount DetailsPrice
Wednesdays Cheap Skate Admission$5.00
Cheap Skate Roller Skate Rental$1.00
Cheap Skate Inline Skate Rental$2.00

Skating Lessons

For those just learning how to skate or looking to brush up on their skills, Skateland offers group lessons-please click on the skating lessons link to find out more in regards to dates, times and pricing and to sign up for lessons:

Family Specials

Have fun with the whole family with our special price-only valid on Sundays!
• Valid for families up to 4 persons
• $40.00 with regular skates included
• At least one parent must skate

Skating Parties