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Gelly Ball

Battle it out in our outside gelly ball arena. The arena features obstacles and lots of fun. Open weather permitting. We also have a target practice shooting range! Call for more details.

2 Hoppers$10

Acres of Fun Guidelines

  • Acres of Fun reserves the right to alter dates, times, conditions of season pass without notice. Acres of Fun will occasionally close the park for larger corporate outings. This typically happens 1-5 times per year. In most cases, the park will open to the public at 5 p.m.
  • Acres of Fun is committed to the highest degree of ride maintenance, but with all things mechanical, equipment does breakdown at times. It is very rare when an attraction is closed for repairs but if or when that occurs, there is no substitution of attractions.
  • Acres of Fun can operate through some inclement weather, but it is our policy to temporarily close an attraction(s) when conditions (i.e.. lightning) threaten our guests and team members.  There is no substitution of attractions when this occurs.
  • Acts of God (i.e.. floods, lightning, tornadoes, etc.) and circumstances beyond Acres of Fun’s control (power outage, disruption of water, natural gas leak, etc.) are not reasons for substitution of attractions.